Advanced Battery Saver

Advanced Battery Saver (S60 3rd & 5th, Symbian ^3) 1.01 _

Extend the battery life of your phone

Fed up of your battery running out all the time? Install Advanced Battery Saver and you can make it last much longer. View full description


  • Customizable profiles
  • Auto Saver
  • Savings charts


  • Only two default saver presets

Very good

Fed up of your battery running out all the time? Install Advanced Battery Saver and you can make it last much longer.

Advanced Battery Saver allows you to adjust the power consumption of your device to extend the amount of time between charges. In fact, the app claims to extend you battery life by up to 30%. It does this by deactivating certain phone services and functions that consume lots of power but which you might not necessarily need, such as Bluetooth, vibration, sounds, Internet, etc.

There are three preset modes in Advanced Battery Saver: Saver Off, Basic Saver, and Max Saver. Max Saver is very effective, but it is a bit restrictive in that it disables so many features. It would be nice if the app provided a few more presets, like Battery Extender does, but you can customize your own power-saving profiles yourself.

Advanced Battery Saver features an Auto saver mode, whereby you can set the profile to kick in once the remaining battery hits a certain point. There’s also a Savings chart, which plots the estimated battery life times of all the various profiles you have set up.

If you want to prevent your battery dying all the time, Advanced Battery Saver offers a simple and effective solution.


  • Full support for Symbian^3 devices (Nokia N8, E7, C7, etc.)
  • Please, pay attention to the fact that Samsung SGH-i8510, SGH-i8910 and SGH-i550 are not compatible with ABS.

The secret of the never-ending battery!

Advanced Battery Saver (ABS) can control the power-consumption of the following phone functions: applications, Bluetooth, Internet connection, lights, sounds, and vibration. Battery-Optimizing Modes: Three predefined power-saving modes; option to define saving modes of your own; power-savings chart shows the precise remaining battery life. Auto-Saver Mode: With the Auto-saver feature you can set your phone to automatically switch to your preferred power-saving mode. Specify the battery level that, when reached, will trigger the activation of a mode chosen by you and let Advanced Battery Saver do the rest. Some days your phone battery runs low too quickly, and those are usually the days you need it the most. Chargers are rarely at hand all the time. You wonder if the phone will last until the end of the day. Advanced Battery Saver will help you get the most out of your battery and make sure you stay connected! The secret of the never-ending battery! Use Advanced Battery Saver to get up to 30% more uptime for your phone! Easily identify and cut down non-critical battery eaters such as Bluetooth, Internet connection, lights, etc.
Advanced Battery Saver


Advanced Battery Saver (S60 3rd & 5th, Symbian ^3) 1.01 _